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Welcome to the idmeme

The idmeme explores a new way of solving the identity fraud problem - something which affects individuals, businesses, governments and society as a whole.

The Issue

In customer encounters, the task is to exploit an asymmetry between true customers and fraudsters, and thereby distinguish one from the other.

The Principle

Ultimately, identity claims are fundamentally beyond the competency of any organization to resolve. Identity fraud happens because organizations simply don’t know people; people know people.

By contrast, the natural ability of people to recognize their family and friends (and distinguish them from the rest of the population) forms the cornerstone of identity in the real world – and has done for centuries.

The Proposition

We believe that the solution to identity fraud lies in harnessing this power. It provides a means of revealing an asymmetry between true customers and fraudsters that is reliable, trusted and persistent. It is present throughout the population, and operates across and down generations.

Moreover, the time is right for this mechanism to be brought into play in the digital domain. Leave trust where it already exists - between people - while allowing individuals to control how they are identified, and across all organizations, instead of leaving each organization to test identity claims in a different way.

To achieve this, we are creating a population-wide register of identity referees. In the registration process, individuals establish reference media (photos, etc.) of themselves that are verified by their nominated identity referees - provided that the new member is able to recognize them in turn. See: idAngels.

To expose identity fraud in customer encounters, the reference media (and optionally the referees themselves) may then be called upon by organizations for the purpose of detecting when someone is NOT who they claim to be (i.e. a fraudster). See: realidcheck.

The Venture

The methods proposed by the idmeme are being implemented by New Model Identity.

Your input

If you share any of our motives and would like to be a contributor to the idmeme, please register and we'll get in touch.

The idmeme is a work in progress, so check back soon for more pages and changes.

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